Brace Yourself for a Brand New Smile

Watson Orthodontics blends professional expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a warm, family-like atmosphere. We intend to make your road to a realigned smile is as joyful and smooth as possible. We have three offices in Houston, Tomball, and Spring.

Expertise Etched in Silver

When you choose Watson Orthodontics, you're picking a team led by Dr. Watson, a proud Silver Invisalign Provider. But what does that mean for you? Dr. Watson has helped loads of people get amazing smiles with Invisalign, which is like a special badge of honor.

Invisalign is a way to straighten your teeth without the metal braces you've probably seen before. Instead, it uses clear, almost invisible trays to gently nudge your teeth into alignment. Being a Silver Invisalign Provider shows that Dr. Watson is really experienced with this cool technology.

Choosing Dr. Watson and our team means you're choosing someone who's seen it all and can handle anything. No matter how tricky you think your teeth are, we've got you covered. You'll get that dream smile with the kind of expert care that's hard to find anywhere else.

Treatment That Feels
Like Home

Dr. Watson takes the time to get to know you, not just your teeth. He carefully examines your photos and X-rays to figure out how to make your smile even better. Then, together, you'll pick the treatment that feels right for you.

Maybe you're after traditional braces, or perhaps you prefer something less visible, like clear aligners. Our goal is to make you beam with joy, not just because you love your new smile but also because you feel supported every step of the way.

From your first call to the day you say goodbye to your braces, we're here to answer your questions and celebrate your milestones.

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Treatment That Works Hard

Imagine wires that remember their shape and gently nudge your teeth into place without the old-school tightenings. That's what we use! These special wires, made with the same smart tech NASA trusts, move your teeth smoothly and painlessly.

You’ll spend less time in braces and more time enjoying life with a smile that's getting straighter every day. Your visits should be something you look forward to, not worry about. That's why we focus on creating a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in our office.

Your comfort is our top priority, from the moment you walk in until the big reveal of your new smile.

Your Smile Matters Most (Even on Saturdays!)

With offices located right in your neighborhood and hours that work around your busy life, getting next-level orthodontic care has never been easier. We’re open on Saturdays too!

Whether you're juggling school drop-offs, bustling to and from work, or balancing a hectic schedule, we've got you covered. Our offices are nestled in convenient spots across the area, ensuring you're only a short drive away from us, no matter where you are.

Plus, our extended hours mean you can book appointments whenever works best for you. (Did we mention that we’re open on Saturdays?)

Smiles Shaped By Tomorrow's Tech

Our digital approach means a faster start to your treatment and a fit that's precisely tailored to your smile. Ceramic braces and Invisalign are solutions that fit into your lifestyle.

Braces from Watson Orthodontics require fewer adjustments. Our team designs your clear aligners to give you the quality you deserve. Modern orthodontic technology gets you to your dream smile faster and more comfortably.

At Watson Orthodontics, your smile journey is powered by the latest advancements in orthodontic care. In our offices, you receive the most efficient, effective, and high-quality treatment. With us, the future of your smile is bright—and it's waiting just around the corner.

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Watson Orthodontics for the Win

Now that you know to choose Watson Orthodontics, schedule your free consultation with Dr. Watson today. We have three convenient offices in Houston, Tomball, and Spring.