Tips For Invisalign Treatment

Do you need some tips on Invisalign treatment? You’re in the right place! If you recently saw Dr. Watson for Invisalign, you probably have questions about it. Or, maybe you’re local to Houston, Tomball, or Spring, and you’d like to try it. Clear aligners are way different than braces. They require a little more consistency and dedication. But our team has seen many smiles cleared up with these incredible invisible inventions. Here are Watson Orthodontics’ top tips for Invisalign treatment. Also, a quick FYI: we’re now open on Saturdays. 

Tip 1: Consistency is Key

Consistency is the cornerstone of success with Invisalign. At Watson Orthodontics, we emphasize the necessity of wearing your aligners for 22 hours daily. It’s a time frame that helps get you the best possible results. This disciplined approach allows your aligners to work for you. They’ll gently move your teeth to their correct positions. Our team recommends leaving your aligners in place nearly all day and night. Only remove them for meals and brushing.

Tip 2: Maintain Excellent Oral Hygiene

Keeping up with your oral hygiene is super important while undergoing Invisalign treatment. At Watson Orthodontics, we advise brushing and flossing your teeth after each meal. Before reinserting your aligners, brush (and floss) to prevent plaque and bacteria buildup (blek!). Keeping up your dental health helps your aligners stay clear and odor-free. Remember, a clean aligner is as essential as clean teeth. Both contribute to a healthier mouth and more effective treatment.

Tip 3: Follow the Scheduled Plan

You don’t just get one set of aligners and then check the “treatment” box.” No, no, no. You’ll get multiple sets during your treatment time. Dr. Watson will put you on a treatment plan. Stick to it, and don’t deviate from it. Our team plans each set of your aligners to move your teeth gradually and safely. Delaying the transition to the next set can hold up your progress. What’s wrong with that? It will make your overall treatment time longer. Who wants that? Dr. Watson and our team are here to help you stay on track. We’ll make timely transitions to achieve your best results.

Tips For Invisalign Treatment

Tip 4: Proper Storage

Store your aligners properly when you’re not using them. Our Watson Orthodontics team suggests using the cases we provide. Your case will protect your Invisalign aligners from germs and damage. Avoid leaving them out on surfaces where they can collect dust or get lost. By storing them in their designated cases, you’ll keep them clean and make them last longer.

Tip 5: Food and Drink Guidelines

To keep your aligners sparkling and damage-free, avoid foods and drinks that stain them. Say goodbye to dark-colored sodas, coffee, and sticky candies. This stuff can leave marks on your aligners or cause them to warp. Instead, opt for aligner-friendly snacks like fruits, veggies, and water. These choices keep your Invisalign trays in top shape and contribute to a healthier smile overall.

Tip 6: Dealing with Discomfort

Experiencing some discomfort when starting with aligners is normal. But there are safe ways to manage it. Dr. Watson recommends using over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen as directed. If discomfort persists or becomes unbearable, don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance. We’re here to help you through every step of your Invisalign journey. 

Tips For Invisalign Treatment

Tip 7: Regular Orthodontic Visits

Did we mention that we have 3 convenient offices? You can find Watson Orthodontics in Houston, Tomball, or Spring. Have you got a visit on your calendar? Great! Regular visits allow us to make necessary adjustments to your aligners. Plus, we monitor your progress. During your visits, you can expect a warm welcome from our team. We’ll also take a look at your smile alignment and see how your aligner treatment is going. 

Tip 8: Patience Leads to Perfection

Patience is key on your journey to a perfect smile with Invisalign. At Watson Orthodontics, we understand that seeing results overnight isn’t realistic. However, we’ve seen countless success stories from patients who were—well, patient.  By trusting the process and following our guidance, you’ll soon notice the transformation in your smile. Our patients often share inspiring stories of their Invisalign journeys. So, stay positive, stay patient, and know that every aligner change brings you one step closer to your dream smile.

Tip 9: The Role of Retainers Post-Treatment

After completing your Invisalign treatment, wearing retainers maintains your newly aligned smile. Retainers keep your teeth from shifting back to their old positions. After all, you want your results to last a lifetime. Watson Orthodontics emphasizes the importance of wearing your retainers. Retainers preserve the progress you’ve made. Additionally, proper maintenance and care of your retainers are essential. We’ll give you guidance on how to clean and store your retainers to keep them in optimal condition. 

Tips For Invisalign Treatment

Tactical Tips For Terrific Treatment

Initiating your Invisalign journey with Watson Orthodontics means stepping into a world of personalized care, expert guidance, and transformative results. Dr. Watson and our dedicated team across our three convenient locations in Houston, Tomball, and Spring are committed to instilling information about Invisalign into your intellect (wow, that’s a mouthful). Curious to know more about how Invisalign can give you an indelible smile? Visit us here to schedule your free consultation (we can squeeze you in on Saturdays now, too).